We have a nursery and our speciality is the propagation of particular conifers. For the greater part by cuttings, but also by seed and grafting. We sell our regular consumers about 90% of these rooted cuttings in trays directly. These are all very leading concerns who use our material for the further cultivation to both liners and finisht plants. We can make over 1.000.000 cuttings every year. This happens in our specially preperated poly propagation greenhouse and tunnel(s).

For our customers, we make the whole assortment, but in particular we propagate just those cultivars that other’s don’t, because they are too hard, too new or protected. The other 10% of the produced material are used by us to grow them as heavy 2-years old liners. From these liners 90% will be sold, the other 10% will be used to the further cultivation as our own stock plants. We grow a part of these stock plants just like the Sequoia, Sequoiadendron and Metasequoia in ‘Rocket pot’s’ up to a deliverable product that will be used for free sale. Beside this, we also house the Dutch Plant collection of Sequoiadendron giganteum, Sequoia sempervirens and Metasequoia glyptrostroboides in our Redwood Garden