Beyond the cuttings, we also sow the Sequoiadendron giganteum and Sequoia sempervirens yearly. This is actually an hobby that has gotten out of hand. Because we have the Dutch Plantcollection of it, we are forced to propagate yearly our cultivars of these species. Because this will not work well enough by cuttings, we propagate them by grafting. To graft well it is important to have good scionwood, but also especially to have good understock. That was incidentally a problem for these relatively difficult species. It was hard to buy these every year and of a good quality.

That is why we have been sawing our own understock for 12 years now (see picture). Every year we make approximately 5.000 p9, from which the greater, heavy plants are used as understock. The lighter ones are used for growing them into deliverable finisht plants.