So every year we make over 1.000.000 cuttings. The making off the cuttings happens in the period of October up to April. We make then many cultivars of the following sorts: Abies, Cedrus, Cephalotaxus, Chamaecyparis, Cryptomeria, Cupressus, Cupressocyparis, Ephedra, Juniperus, Metasequoia, Microbiota, Picea, Pinus, Podocarpus, Sciadopitys, Sequoia, Taxus, Thuja, Thujopsis and Tsuga. We can also propagate other particular conifers. This happens until February, partly under little tunnels with thin poly above them (see picture).

The other part goes directly under the mist system of the automatic gaintry (see picture). In February we remove the little tunnels and than everything is standing under the watergaintry. The first rooted cuttings will be delivered from March to our customers, which goes on until August. The cuttings that are used by ourselves will be planted out in beds in August for 2 years in the open ground. In that way we have our greenhouses and tunnels empty for a few weeks at a certain moment. We use that period to fully clean and disinfect our spaces. On this way we can start the new production period completely clean again, which we find very important.