To have enough production material like unrooted cuttings and scionwood, we decided a couple years ago to start a collectiongarden in the shape of a nursery. Before this we did that in a ‘real’ garden, but the plants were often getting to old, which was not working well as to the quality. When you would replace them, that would be a pity, because of the still beautiful plants and the garden itself. Also it’s very labour-intensive and therefore expensive. Since 3 years, we have on a short distance, beside our more than 1 ha big propagationnursery, a over 3 ha big feeldnursery. So there we grow especially the (rare/special) conifers that we use in the first instance as stockplants.
Also the 2-year old liners bear root and in p9 and the deliverable plants in ‘Rocketpot’ are made there.