Learning Company
We want to co-operate on a good training too. A part of this happens by the known ‘do practice’ at the company. This can be a blockperiode (solid days up to weeks) or for example half a year, 1 or 2 days per week. To receive this students, your company has to be qualified for that. This is being done by Aequor. They test if your company satisfies some specified criteria that are made for this (see picture). Luckily we satisfy these requirements.

The co-operation with schools (for example Groene Campus and Citaverde) and their teachers, that raised because of this, took us another step further. There are some topics at school that can be learned better on a company than in a practical lesson at school. While training nowadays gets more specialised, is it harder to give enough attention to all different topics. And the knowledge isn’t always there, too. If there is enough in demand on a specified topic, this could maybe be learned better at a company itself. For the first time we now give classes ‘Propagating by grafting’ in 3 shifts, here at our company, where we have the gear. Besides, at this way they can immediately see what’s required for caring. Because this was partly the initiative of the students themselves (see picture), are they motivated well and satisfied.